Wastewater biological treatment technology BIOTAL

Household wastewater treatment technology Biotal

“Ecofre Ltd” is the representative of “Ukrbiotal Ltd.” in Georgia. Our field of activity includes import, installation and technical maintenance (servicing)  of “Biotal” biological wastewater treatment technology produced by “Ukrbiotal Ltd.”.  Our company has been operating in the Georgian market since 2006, to date it has installed more than 250 Biotal equipment  throughout Georgia, for more than half of which we provide services.

“Biotal| is a unique representative of autonomous sewage systems, which carries out deep biological wastewater treatment processes. It is based on the concept of recycling human household waste into products that can be fit  for further use, in particular, their conversion into technical water and mineral fertilizers.

 Principle of operation:

The wastewater supplied for treatment is continuously flowed from the first to the second and third bioreactors and each of them undergoes a defined cycle of biological treatment. The aeration and mixing processes are repeated several times in each reactor, however, the third stage bioreactor periodically switches to purification mode, after which the treated wastewater is pumped into a biological, thin-walled filter-settler <


There is no need to purchase different bioactivators for the plant to work. The working material of the system is fecal impurities themselves. To stimulate the achievement  of the project indicators, during the start-up works, a certain volume of active sludge attracted from the operating treatment facilities is loaded into the system.

Advantages of “Biotal” 

- Electricity savings;  

Autonomous adjustment of the capacity is provided according to the volume of incoming wastewater; 

- A special unit arranged at the  entrance, for of retention of  and shredding the solid, coarse waste;

- Automatic removal of excess activated sludge for stabilization and dewatering;

- Automation;

The operation of the machine is fully automated.

No need in a permanently operating staff.

Re-use of cleansing products.

Wastewater passed through the “Biotal” device  can:

- be used in irrigation systems of agricultural crops;

- be directed to  the drainage sewer network;

The residual active sludge, after composting, can be used as an organic-mineral fertilizer.

Absolute absence of unpleasant odor at all stages of  treatment ;

Compact placement   in a densely populated area.

The method of disposal of excess active sludge is assumed to be sludge removal by special vehicles or its desalination in a special machine and dumping of solid mass in a  landfill.

A biological treatment plant  with 10m3/day capacity is a technological equipment made of polypropylene, cylindrical in shape, built into the tank. This tank is installed in a reinforced concrete well buried in the ground.

Equipment for the biological treatment plant  with 10m3/day or higher capacity is installed in volumes made of special reinforced concrete for hydraulic structures, which must have external waterproofing. Treatment plants can be located below ground level, in semi-recesses surrounded by a soil reservoir. The bioreactors will be covered with monolithic or reinforced concrete slabs, in which service seals must be provided according to the installation scheme. Their hydro and thermal insulation and subsequent grounding should also be provided. The compressor is usually made of sandwich panels and placed above the bioreactors.