Water Treatment Ultrafiltration Systems

Description of Water Ultrafiltration System Technology

 A system of preparation of the potable water from the  superficial ground waters is introduced, that is based on  the state-of-the-art membrane filtration technology -  named ultrafiltration,  produced  by the German company Inge AG. The main advantage of membrane technology lies in the high degree of purification without the need for reagents and additional stages of processing. Membrane technology allows the water to be purified with a high degree of turbidity so that the quality of the filtrate does not deteriorate. Slight pressures, about  0.5-1 bar, are required to operate such systems, so power consumption is very low.

 Description of technological scheme based on ultrafiltration, potable water preparation.

 Ultrafiltration is the membrane process, through which the water is leaked in the semiconductor walls under the pressure, resulting in  origination of the filtrate (purified water) and concentrated solvent from the caught substances. The ultrafiltration  membranes catch  the colloidal and small dispersal impurities, algae, single-cell microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and cysts.

A rate of filtration of a membrane (porous size) is 0.02 micron.

After the ultrafiltration,  the purified water is gathered in the common collector and supplied  to the purified water reservoir or the net with the remainder pressure

The membranes are cleaned from the accumulated hard impurities through the reversal wash-out (back wash-out) method, by purified water. The beck wash-out is carried out through the pumps, which supply the water from the purified water reservoir to the membrane modules, with the reversal direction.

In the ultrafiltration process, each block is washed independently.

For disinfection of membranes and also for better removal of contamination, periodic backwashing with chemical reagents (acid or alkali) is carried out. The frequency of chemical leaching is determined during operation. The duration of the chemical wash is 40-60 minutes. Chemical washing of ultrafiltration modules is done in automatic mode.

The system is controlled by a controller that has a color, touch-sensitive screen.

The components of the following brands are used in the assembly of the device: INGE, AMIAD, EBARA, INJECTA, FIP, UNITRONICS, DYS, EUROTROL, LS, etc.