Water Treatment Reverse Osmosis System

Water Demineralization through Reverse Osmosis Unit Is a functionally complete integrated module where all component devices are mounted together on a metal frame. Water purification-demineralization is carried out on the principle of reverse osmosis. It uses membranes TORAY (Japan).


- High quality of water treatment: Rreduces the content of mineral salts by 99.8%;  Prevents microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses by 99.9%. After treatment,  the water becomes microbiologically pure.

- High efficiency - 80% of the starting water is purified (only 20% in the form of concentrate is discharged into the sewer).

- Membranes are washed automatically.

- The service life of the membranes is more than 3 years.

- Equipped with anti-scalant dispenser station, which automatically delivers the initial water to the required dose of reagent.

The components of the following brands are used in the assembly of the device: TORAY, AMIAD, EBARA, INJECTA, FIP, UNITRONICS, DYS, EUROTROL, LS and others.