About company


“Ecopre  Ltd.”  

 Company Background and Current Status 

In 2006, a team of engineers decided to develop a wastewater treatment business in Georgia. For this purpose  they established  company “Construction Systems Ltd.” and started installing and servicing wastewater treatment plants. One of the first such plants was a cottage-type water treatment station in the settlement “Tsavkisis Veli”, near Tbilisi. This plant is still functionable, its  technical maintenance is provided by our company. In 2012, it was decided to set up the potable water treatment and purification systems and start service. For this  the company “Ecopre Ltd.” was established, which is designed for assembly and installation of all types of systems, which are served for purification of potable  and wastewaters. The company "Construction Systems Ltd.”  serves mainly the  already assembled and operating systems.  After 2012, “Ecopre” started assembling, installing and servicing the following systems:

  • Household and industrial wastewater treatment plants;
  • Reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and other potable water treatment systems;
  • On-site generation systems for water disinfectants;
  • Plants foe chlorination water with chlorine-gas  and other oxidizers;
  • Water systems automation, management, programming, SCADA systems.


“Ecofre Ltd”. is a representative in Georgia of a number of international companies working in the field of water supply, such as TORAY, EBARA, INGE, BIOTAL, FENNO WATER , etc.

“Ecopre  Ltd.”   is a systemic integrator of the company Schneider Electric in automation, control, and  SCADA Systems 


To date, the company has installed and operates over 250 biological wastewater treatment plants in almost all regions of Georgia, including:

The plant with 5500m3/day capacity for  Refugee site in Poti, the plant with 1200m3/day capacity in Gori Railway district, the plant with 500m3/day capacity at one of the protected object near Tbilisi 

 The water treatment devices installed by our company operate successfully in more than 50 hospitals. 

In 2017-2018  our company won the US Government-funded tender within the frameworks of  “Millenium Challenge Program”. Today, the water treatment devices installed by our company operate in  more than 60   schools throughout Georgia. 

The biological wastewater treatment plants  are arranged and operating  in many touiristic objects, e.g.  5-Star hotel and Concert Hall in Shekvetili,  Prometheus Cave in Tskaltuybo,  Martvili Canyon, Hotel Complex  at the Lopota Lake, etc. These The biological wastewater treatment plants   are installed and put into operation by our company  

Our  water treatment devices are installed at almost all  border checkpoint

Techniocal maintenance of a prevailing majority of our objects  are provided by our company “Construction Systems Ltd.” 

As we have already mentioned above, one of the main directions of our company is also installation, commissioning and operation of  the potable water purification systems.

In this field, we put into operation over 100 objects in Georgia. Among them we can indicate the largest poultry farm in the  Transcaucasian Region  - “Biu-Biu”  (Chirina LLC.) where we have put into operation over 10 different water purification systems  (Reversible, ultrafiltration . . . )

At the end of 2019 we  completed within the frameworks of the Abastumani Water Supply Systems Rehabilitation Project and handed over to the  GWP  the ultrafiltration system with 180m3/h capacity. At present we are involved in the “Tkibuli Water Treatment Ultrafiltration System Project (200m3/h capacity) 

We have put into operation the potable water disinfection systems of various types, for more than 10 regions of Georgia. At present we   are at the stage of completion of the assembly of the similar systems within the scopes of the Zugdidi and Abasha Water Supply System Rehabilitation Project

We have designed, programmed assembled and installed the systems of gathering the information, monitoring, as well as automation SCADA Systems for water supply systems of various regions

Today the company employs a team of qualified engineers. Besides, the above mentioned experience   allows us to declare  that our company ”Ecopre”  is ready  for implementing any large scale project  in Georgia.